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Take a minute to think about your computer. It drives you crazy yet you can't live without it. What do you do when it breaks? You go to the computer repair place, wait in line and get treated like a second class citizen. Most of the time when you go to the big box retail store that has a computer repair kiosk inside you talk to some kid that knows less then you do about computers. You leave it there and let them look at all your files and then don't even get a call to be updated on what is going on.

Guess what? It does not have to be that way. Did you know that the only thing that the big guys care about is taking your money. Once you pay $300.00 for your repair you get second rate service with no promise of anything. We are here to change all that. When we give you quotes we stand by them. A operating system should not take a week to install and setup. First Computer’s turnaround time is 1 or 2 days and your system is back in your home. We will even bring it back to you and set it up. Feel free to give us a call and leave a message for a tech. You will be called back by a 100% Apple and Microsoft Certified Tech. If you would rather send us an email, we will email you back a quote for repair along with directions to our shop from your address. Thank you for taking the time to visit FCN Media. We look
forward to working with you.

You also can try our other services free @ http://www.marasearch.com




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